Our Principles

Everything is actually rather simple

Only a reliable retailer has satisfied customers. This is exactly what we strive for. Whatever it is that we offer to you, we do it in good faith.

Because we know that on a construction site everything has to work smoothly, we and our team ensure that our machines and vehicles live up to the promises.


Crucial in this business. Simply cannot be replaced by anything.

Customer support

For decades, we have been keeping up to date at any given time.


We know what it all depends on. Heavy machinery is our everyday life.


We do not sell you any promises. You can see what we offer.


We deliver all the way to your front door. Packaged, posted, promised.


Nothing leaves our lot that has not been inspected.


Unexpected, uncluttered, unmistakable

A broad field...

You can have a close look at what we have to offer. Be it road pavers or forklift forks, crushing plants or quick couplers - for our customers, we always have a wide range of machines, vehicles and components from renowned manufacturers readily available on our premises. Here you can always look at every machine on offer. You do not even have to get your shoes dirty... Call us to make an appointment.

We check before we sell.

We take a very close look

Used construction machines are like humans: Behind a faҫade that has been consumed by hard work, the technology may still work flawlessly. Obviously, it may also be the other way around. Therefore, we take a close look in our garage before we hand a machine over to a customer. Everything we sell, we have inspected and, if needed, repaired or renewed ourselves. You can expect a constant level of high quality - behind every faҫade.
Upon request, we will also overhaul the faҫade - you will not have to be ashamed of any color. And if you have any questions on alterations or add-ons, please contact us.

Efficient, competent, straightforward

Generations of experience

For generations, the company has not only been bearing its family-based nature in its name, we also continue to build on it. In other words: We are convinced of what we do and continue to vouch for it with our name.

Today, our family company is led by:

  • Robert Mickenhagen sen.
  • Robert Mickenhagen jr.
  • Christian Mickenhagen
  • Christa Mickenhagen
  • Pia Mickenhagen

We would be happy to help you with your search for the optimal construction machine that best serves your needs.


Time travel

A success story

We continue to grow

Because recycling is becoming a more and more important subject to our customers, we now also offer crushing and screening plants.

120 years - Gebr. Mickenhagen company

Even or especially after 120 years, we are constantly adjusting to new market conditions. For 10 years, we have now also been dealing intensively with road pavers and road milling machines. By now, we have a large selection in the area of road construction machines available to our customers. Things are in motion on our website, as well - for example, we have created the new section “brochure center” to be able to access the machines’ technical data quickly.


Work is resumed at the new company building.


The old company complex is torn down to make room for new, future-oriented buildings.

Expanding the product range

The array of products is expanded to include road pavers and road milling machines.

Expansion of the exhibition grounds

The exhibition grounds grow to cover 38,500 m².

The family is growing

Christian and Robert Mickenhagen jr. join the company’s management.

Focus on construction machines

Business in the construction machine section continues to expand; there is no more time for the production of playground equipment. The production is discontinued.

Change of generations

Hans Mickenhagen passes away.


Five wheel loaders are purchased to clear snow on the business premises. As all five machines resell rather quickly, the company discovers the trade with construction machines for itself. The company has been operating very successfully in both business segments for many years now. The construction machine business is doubling its turnover every year.

Relocation to Halver

The production of playground equipment is very successful; the largest customers are US military barracks and German municipalities. The vehicle trading sector is getting stronger. The company moves to its current location in Halver.

Change of name to Gebr. Mickenhagen KG

The company is converted into Gebr. Mickenhagen KG; Robert Mickenhagen becomes general partner. In the following years, Hans Mickenhagen is withdrawing from the operating business. Christa Mickenhagen assumes the administrative tasks. The area of business is expanded again. Apart from playground equipment production, the business now includes all sorts of vehicles.

Expansion of the production

The area of business is expanded by the production of playground equipment and playground construction.


The operating business is resumed by Hans Mickenhagen.

Turmoils of war

During the Second World War, Richard Mickenhagen passes away and the company is now in the hands of the community of heirs, his wife Mrs. Anna Mickenhagen and his sons Dr. Richard Mickenhagen, Hans Mickenhagen and Dr. Ernst Mickenhagen. Because the production is not essential to war, the owners are drafted into military service. The company is dormant.

Difficult times

Only six years after the company was founded, Ernst Mickenhagen passes away without any successors. Richard Mickenhagen runs the company very successfully by himself for almost 40 years; tools, in particular, are sold all over the world in large quanitities. The company evaded the radical depreciation of currency that began at the same time as the First World War due to large holdings of property and its former size is quickly restored. The largest customers at that time are numerous mines in the Ruhr district and in Upper Silesia.

Foundation of the company Gebr. Mickenhagen oHG

On 10 February 1890, the brothers Ernst and Richard Mickenhagen found the company Gebr. Mickenhagen oHG to trade in tools and machines.

The Gebr. Mickenhagen STOCK-ALARM

You indicate what you are looking for and by when, and we will inform you as soon as we have suitable offers in stock.

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